Deborah Guy

Professional Life & Livelihood Coach

I work with Professionals to help them get, and stay, out of their own way as they navigate upcoming professional opportunities and/or obstacles with clarity, confidence and forward movement.

Your Coach for the Personal Side of a Professional Life.



Create the Personal Life and Professional Success Your Soul Intended.

You’re smart and successful, and to the outside world, everything looks fine. But on the inside, you know somethings gotta' give.

If you want to create more:

- confidence in your ability to handle the opportunities that are headed your way.

harmony and balance between a sucesssful professional life and a rewarding personal life .

- opportunity to pivot or transition into more satisfying career path.

and you want to do it in far less time than attempting to fudge your way through it on your own.

Let's have a conversation.

If you've been thinking

"why can't I be as decisive in my own life and career direction as I am in my job?"

"I need to take that personal thing off the 'back burner' but I just can't bring myself to do so, and the longer it sits there the more anxious it makes me. "

I don't want to just 'let circumstances' force these decisions, I want to design my future, not live by default.


Older woman smiling



Tackle the issue at hand. What situation is zapping your energy and taking up too much bandwidth? Get Clear on what you want going forward, for yourself, for your relationships, and for your career.

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Identify the patterns impacting your ability to cope with shifts in your personal and professional life and keeping you feeling stuck. Create sustainable practices that transform fear into confidence.

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Create sustainable habits of highly successful people at work and home. up level time management and leadership skills. Use what you already know to do something new. Create job pivot success within the firm, or, if desired, effectively recruit your next employer or repurpose your purpose.

Signs it's time to reach out ...

  • You're beginning to feel like you've put what you want on the back burner for a bit too long.
  • You're wondering if you'll be able to bridge the gap you feel between what is expected of your now vs. what may be expected of you in the near future.
  • You're current way of working is already impacting the quality of your life and you want to create and be held accountable for putting some healthier boundaries in place.
  • Everything and everyone else seems to get prioritized over your personal goals and dreams
  • You're quality of sleep and nutrition are out of balance, you wake up feeling like you haven’t even rested and hit the floor running each day.
  • Other important areas of your life get little attention (partner, family, friends, hobbies, recreation, play).
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  • Discover what matters deep down at the core so you can determine where you want to spend your energy.
  • Attain clarity around priorities, so you know what you need to say “no” to and “yes” to.
  • Create realistic and achievable milestones and leave you feeling energized and motivated in a healthy way.
  • Feel accomplished and successful as you move towards achieving the balanced life you deserve.
  • Wrangle that nasty inner critic and tap into what supports you.
  • Experience deep self-discovery and awareness that will serve as an inner compass for you now and in the future.
  • Uncover and understand your strengths and how to leverage them in a way that supports your performance.

How do we work Together?

Here's the Path away from Anxiety & Burnout and toward Balance

Step 1. Book A Chemistry Session

We meet discreetly and confidentially via zoom to ensure we are a match. We'll spend up to an hour together to discuss your current situation and where you would rather be. Get answers to your questions about me, my training, my background, and how we would work together based on your goals. If we both feel we are a match we take the next step.


Step 2. Complete an Agreement

The agreement will outline the key points of our relationship in writing: confidentiality, fee, and the expectations of both parties. I don't believe in locking you into anything. My contract clearly states that if you want or need to stop coaching with me at any time, inform me in writing, and any unused sessions are fully refunded.


Step 3. We Create a Solid Foundation

We'll take a super DEEP dive into what you truly want in every area of your life. Not sure what that is? No worries, I have a talent for bringing this all to the surface. We will figure out together what the obsticles are and how to overcome them. You'll leave each session relieved and exhilarated.


Step 4. We'll establish key milestones

We will establish key milestones that are realistic, attainable and tailored to your personal and professional bandwidth. Perpare to have your socks knocked off in the best possible way.


Step 5. We'll Meet Twice a Month

We'll meet twice a month on the 2nd and 4th week of each month, where you choose what you want to focus on each week. Based on our session, you'll also choose what, if any, action you want to take between sessions. I never “assign” any homework to you. You are the expert and director in your life, and I will work to connect you with that during our time together.


Step 6. Closing Celebratory Session

Our Closing Celebratory Session is held when you decide that you have achieved all that you wanted to in partnership with me. We celebrate every success you created along the way (there will be many) and explore what is next for you and ensure you have all that you need to maintain living in a balanced and fulfilling way.



My Mission:

To help all that work with me to get out of their own way and on with living the life their soul intended.

Your Work + Your Relationship with Yourself and Others + Your Contribution to the World =

​Your Life

Work that You Enjoy + Healthy Happy Relationships with Yourself/Others + Contribution that Resonates = Your Best Life and a Life You Love!

"For every million people hacking at the leaves of a challenge there is one chopping at the root. Deborah is that one in a million." Wendy Perkins, MSW

You've come to the right place!

Hello, I'm Deborah Guy.

In our work together, I am focused exclusively on helping you to get out of your own way with clarity, confidence, and success.

Let's tackle those pivotal areas of your life, business, or career where you feel underwhelmed with your own progress yet increasingly frustrated with the situation at hand.

​We'll partner to co-create and execute a results-oriented plan of action that creates momentum toward your life and livelihood goals, even during turbulent and uncertain times.

  • Set a clear vision for this next phase of your life.
  • Create meaningful goals and action steps.
  • Actively work toward them, knocking down obstacles as you go.
  • Shift ways of being that no longer serve you.
  • Honor your feelings while acting on your commitments to yourself.
  • Reflect on and celebrate your progress and your success.

I See You.

​You're feeling frustrated and, at times overwhelmed with items in your life that have been on the back burner for too long, and you're procrastinating the very things you know you need to address. You cringe to think of your last half-hearted attempt. It may even be career related.

​Let's do something about that.

If you are sick of wasting time on doubt, hesitation, second-guessing, and inner critic anxiety.

If you are tired of the endless stream of stuff, you're allowed to pull your attention in every direction but the most important ones to you personally.

If you know that 'times a wastin' and you want to create momentum and concrete results.

If you're ready to finally bridge the gap between how you are currently showing up for yourself and how you want to show up so you can move forward with confidence then...

Deborah's Bio

Gain Clarity

Deborah is intuitive, compassionate, precise, fun, and results-oriented. Her skills enable her to quickly help her clients identify and overcome obstacles to gaining career strategy clarity, execution and life/work balance. Her approach will help you eliminate excuses and get results while increasing confidence.

Master Overwhelm

Fear shows up whenever you step outside of your comfort zone, and that can happen anywhere between contemplating a change, planning your career pivot, preparing to market yourself, preparing for your interviews, negotiating your benefit package, creating success on the new job, right on through creating a more satisfying work/life balance.

As an experienced and certified fear mastery coach, Deborah is uniquely qualified to coach her clients in navigating their journey.

Stands as a Witness for the Life you Say you Want. A Partner in your Progress, with the Best Tools at the Right time, and a Champion for Your Success.

She understand the journey through overwhelm, frustration and heartache, divorce, abandonment, depression, life threatening illness, disappointment and self-sabotage. She knows how to help her clients gain clarity about what they want, identify what's getting in their way, and how to overcome the understand what it takes to master your fears, intentionally create your life and career and to have the impact you desire.

Use this time to connect with what is most alive in you, overcome blind spots and bring forth your very best year. Enjoy far more meaningful success in your life, and career. As an award-winning trainer, recognized leader and coach, Deborah brings an open, logical mind and a warm, curious, and helpful heart, to all her work. She never forgets that there is more to life than 'the job'. That the work we love and relationships we cherish are the stuff of a happy life. She never lets her clients forget to give place in their life for fun and growth and forward movement always.

Deborah's Experience

A recognized and trust professional in Coaching Industry

Since starting her own practice in 2006, after a career in Financial Services, she has excelled at helping her clients successfully navigate life and career transitions from the moment it is just a thought through the work of establishing a strategy to bring an effective transition into reality and seeing it through.

Formerly based in New York City and now in the Washington D.C area, Deborah deeply understands the impact ,that the whirlwind of city living can have on professional goals, personal goals, and relationships.

Proven Leadership:

Past Director of the Corporately sponsored Courage to Succeed Mentoring Program working with select Executives nationwide. Ongoing community work helping to support youth and young adults to develop self-government and personal leadership skills through mentorship, program development and serving in leadership and Board positions.

Full Trained and Credentialed:

A Certified Fear Mastery Coach, Certified Career Coach, Business Coach and Co-Active Coach. Deborah also has trained in a wide variety of coaching models, including narrative coaching, personal leadership development, and personal finance coaching. She has conducted classes in interpersonal and relationship communication at Cornell University. As well as coordinated and conducted workshops in Personal Effectiveness and fear mastery techniques throughout the East and West Coast.

Business World Knowledge

From clerking at an international commodities firm at 19, to assisting with Equities Research for a Fortune 100 company in her 20s, to Analyst, Trainer, Manager, Consultant, Vice Chairman's Program Director at another Fortune 100 company in her 30s and retiring at 38 to raise her family and start her own business, Deborah has had the blessing of working with, and learning from, the best of the best. She knows you know your business and profession and is there to help you better understand yourself so you can get out of your own way, and create more success professionally and personally.

What’s at Stake, if you continue this way?

If you are here, you are probably a successful professional, business owner, leader, or entrepreneur seeking someone who will tell you the 'kick in the butt' truth that will serve you, not just one more voice telling you what you want to hear. That combined with compassion that you never wanted; but know you desperately need and you'll be on your way to creating the balance you and your workplace deserve.


  • We connect for a minimum of two (2) sessions/per month
  • Sessions are 50 minutes (in person, via telephone, or zoom)
  • Unlimited email and text support in-between sessions
  • Session recordings available for download and replay
  • 100% mobile friendly dashboard for tracking progress, connecting with Deborah, scheduling appointments, etc,
  • Sliding scale option available if finances are a barrier to coaching

Schedule a

Chemistry Session.



Life and Career Balance: Changed My Life

I have found my time with Deborah to be invaluable. Her insightful coaching has helped to change my life. Today, I feel worthy, empowered, and free. I know that everyone is on their own journey and mine is just beginning. She is caring and it shows in her coaching style. She is a cheerleader and unconditionally supportive. I cannot say enough how valuable her guidance has been. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to find their way to a better life. Christina G. Faculty, Howard Community College


Life and Career Balance

It just works. Whether it's Deborah's integration of support and being direct or her ability to get to the root of a matter and address it directly, she's clearly talented in the field of coaching and helping people both identify and achieve what they're looking for. If you're looking for results you found the right person.

Alexander Rand - Private Practice & Asst Professor Wurzweiler School of Social Work


Life and Career Balance:

I appreciate Deborah's approach to coaching and her coaching style. Her approach was to clarify (through conversation and documentation) that I need to be open to questions and NOT be judgmental of those questions, but to be open to what the question is trying to uncover about me and my thought process. Her skill of question-asking is IMPRESSIVE. She asks the questions to force me to think and approach an opportunity from a different perspective, but most answer the question for myself! - Rebecca Bowman, Director Customer Operations, Clorox Company


Life and Career Balance:

Deborah is one of the best among all people I've ever worked with. When you really get to connect with her, you will find an incredible person with unique skills! Deborah helped me at a crossroads in my career while inspiring and motivating me to dream bigger. I credit her for helping me to understand myself and what was important to me. I am now at a great place where I am no longer afraid and challenge myself to the next level. - Nicole Huang , PMO Leader, Inovations Solutions Leader


Life and Career Balance:

I reached out to Deborah in the midst of a professional crisis where I was feeling stuck. She responded quickly and calmly. Her skill guided me through the quagmire I was in efficiently. Within minutes, I had clarity and ideas about how to handle the next steps. Deborah asks skillful and thought-provoking questions that guide you to the answers about what is most important. I recommend her to anyone in need of clarity and guidance. - Ariel Wootan Murkling, Private Practice Therapist, Audacity Counseling, Provo, Utah

Experience and Insight

Deborah’s openness and extensive professional development experience were evident from my first interaction with her. Her career-building insight and ability to accurately forecast potential obstacles and needed adaptations have proven to be uncanny. I look forward to every session. Julio G . Int'l Business Law Attorney

Career Focus: Hightlight of my Year.

I worked with Deborah as a coach during a difficult period of professional transition. I am an entrepreneur and I was skeptical anyone would truly understand the situation I was facing. Deborah immediately did and continuously went above and beyond as my executive coach during this transition and beyond. Her guidance helped me grow as an individual and as a professional' - Joel Primus President and Founder - Naked, Inc. and Producer at Raising Global Citizens Film.

Career Clarity & Confidence

I've had the pleasure of working with Deborah during two key transitions in my professional career. Her support was invaluable.

She grasps complex business and interpersonal dynamics quickly and creates an environment for introspection and problem-solving with careful consideration of all parties ideal outcome.

Her grounded coaching approach is deft and never fails to help me create clarity around the next best steps for myself professionally that support my longer-term personal goals.

More recently she has coached me through a business restructuring.

Working with her has created the clarity and confidence that needed to take the next step that works to my strengths, develops my leadership skills and provides a winning scenario for both my clients and my business partners.

She is an excellent Executive Life and Career Coach and gets my highest endorsement. Todd. S. - Senior Marketing Strategist - Philadelphia, PA

Career and Life:

Deborah clears up the fog. She has advised me in two distinct phases of my life over several years-- personally and professionally. In both, she was a true expert in listening, organizing my ideas, and facilitating my discovery of a more purposeful path and effective methods. I could not have achieved nearly the same results by talking to friends or family on the same subjects. Deborah understands this like a science. I have recommended her to others, and they have likewise been impressed and grateful.

Rachel Stone, Sr. Business Intelligence & Research Analyst, Washington DC

Life and Career Focus:

Deborah helped me adapt to the changes that have occurred in the job market since I last went job hunting. Her guidance in job targeting, resume optimizing, and knowledge of the current job hunting landscape have proven to be incredibly helpful. - Jeremy Brown, Editor, U.S. News & World Report

Career and Life:

Deborah is first class and made a huge positive impact on me and my life. I have become significantly more accountable in both my business and personal life due to the work that I have done with her.

​She is not for the faint of heart as she is the real deal and has helped me become a better version of myself. I can not say enough about her and the impact she has made on me and my life. Kansas City, Kansas

Life Focus: Stronger and More Confident

I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help the past year and a half. During our time, I have truly felt myself become a stronger and more confident woman who is gaining control of her mind and emotions. Although I have my moments, I now look at those moments as little challenges or tests to continue practicing rather than letting those moments set me back. I have noticed that I have shorter amounts of time in between my irrational and rational self. I am becoming more and more aware of my actions as they are occurring and feel myself taking initiative to see every moment as it is, rather than seeing it with a cloud of irrationality and emotion.

I've become mindful and present, two things I have wanted to be for a long time. While I am well aware that I'm still a work in progress, I now have the tools I need to continue my practice thanks to your guidance and constant support. I am now a lot closer to a rational, peaceful mindset.

Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart. - Alexandra Reggi, Director Graphic Design, NYC

Life and Career Focus:

Deborah has been a tremendous resource for me as I prepare to take the next steps in my career path. I acquired her coaching at a time when I felt lost and completely without direction in what I wanted to do and where I was headed. Deborah is not only interested in helping me find a job I am passionate about... she has helped me in so many other aspects of my personal and professional life. I look forward to each of our sessions as a time to reflect, think, and feel deeply about my life, habits and future. I cannot recommend her enough! Not only am I doing better, but I am feeling better about myself along the way. To me, that has been invaluable.

Balkis A. J.D, Georgetown University Grad, California State Assembly

I have had the pleasure of working with Deborah over the last month and although our work is not yet complete, I have found insight that has eluded me for years and conquered a number of fears that had been holding me back. I was wary of the process in the beginning but that was just the fear of the unknown. Once I had my first conversation with Deborah, I was immediately put at ease and we went right to work. I've found new direction in my life, built new confidence and due to the work we've done together, I'm about to embark on a new chapter in life. Working with Deb had been invaluable and I would highly recommend her services to you! - Timothy (TJ) Moon

Definitely Recommend: Sound Coaching Ear - Delivers Results

Deborah is a great choice for executives looking to find their way to their next career move. She is caring and thoughtful in her approach to managing clients, not forcing them to bend to her will like some coaches. I would definitely recommend Deborah to my friends and colleagues as someone who can lend a sound coaching ear that delivers results.

Brian K. Bridges, Ph.D. Secretary of Higher Education for the State of New Jersey


Deborah helped me at a time my career and business were in transition. She has the ability to listen and glean from you the important information necessary to work through your process. A great communicator, an astute and timely business woman who has an articulate and sensitive communication method. She connects to people in a very special way. - Marlene Weber, President, Marlene Weber Corporation, Hudson Valley, NY

Life and Career:

Your coaching has launched me into a new and amazing direction in my life. I LOVE the results I'm having. The new me is getting great reviews from my family, my friends, and most importantly, for the first time, from ME! - Richard Ortiz, Directior, IT, Finance and Planning, TIAA, NYC

Life and Career:

Deborah is a rock star! She helped me identify the blindspots that were holding me back and then held me accountable for creating the change I wanted. I have new awareness of strengths that I used to think of as weakness. She gave me the tools I personally needed to find courage in myself and be the person I was born to be! - Jeanne Cooper, Co-Founder, Brainstorm Health Systems, Hudson Valley, NY

Life and Career:

I came to Deborah When I was feeling down and had lost my way in my desire to transition my career. She is a compassionate and proactive listener who understood my journey, enabling me to embrace the idea that even strong women have hardships, and she got me back on track. She has taught me to be positive, kind and resilient, in the face of overcoming a challenge.

In my family relationships, she helped clarify misconceptions I had. The clarification led me to a more mature perspective and helped me let go of anger and strengthen my personal boundaries.

When I started seeing Deborah, I was a control freak. With her help I realized the truth: I was exhausted and exhausting. I was waiting for everything to fall into place before I would take real decisive action. She helped me realized that the one thing that I honestly had control over was myself. Step by Step she taught me to let go of what everyone else was doing or not doing and go after what I wanted without apology. She helped me have the courage to act, and not just talk.

I am grateful that I took a chance on myself to invest in her expertise because I have grown so much. She has the gift of helping people see the patterns that are keeping them stuck and holding them back. She is a healer.

Tracy, Journalist, NYC

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Deborah is a dear colleague and I've know her for several years. I am consistently touched and in appreciation of the way Deborah shows up for her life, her commitment to her children, her husband, her community and her calling as a coach. She tells her truth and keeps her priorities clear.

​She genuinely practices what she teaches. She's the real Deal.

-Wendy Perkins, MSW, Therapist and Coach, Aspen, Colorado

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I feel like I have a fire under me, and all the right tools in hand. I'm so motivated.

Thank you for believing in me, and for helping me develop a strategy for success. How lucky are those of us who get to have these powerful conversations with you! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Career Focus:

For me, Deborah acts as the perfect cognitive mirror. She allows me to see and hear my own thought processes, including where I tend to derail myself. She acts as a second set of brains that allows me to align my thoughts with my values and distill those thoughts into a cohesive action plan.

​In essence she's helping me right my ship.

Eric Randolph, Director of Fixed Income, Hopwell Financial, Washington DC

Life Focus

When you are ready to get clear. When you are ready to stop with the excuses that are holding you back. When you are ready to do the work. Deborah Guy is there to help you on your journey.

I had enough and I felt like I had lost my 'voice' and my mojo. A friend suggested using Deborah's services and 15 minutes into my first call I could see why my friend spoke so highly of her. Deborah gets right to the heart of the issue and asks the tough questions. She has given me the tools I needed to improve my communication skills and in turn, my career and my relationship.

I have gotten so much out of the short time I have been working Deborah. Give her a call. You won't regret it.

Career Focus

I was going on and on about how discouraged and frustrated I was, and about how much trouble I was having with a new script idea when a friend confided that he had recently started working with a Life Coach. My reaction was typical. When I heard the words, "Life Coach", I smiled and nodded, but inside I was rolling my eyes - big time. The whole thing just sounded, frankly, silly to me. But not anymore. The impact on my life and career has been phenomenal! In the past, I've always set goals, but no one was there to hold me accountable and support me in staying on track when I broke promises to myself. Joseph Doria, Manager of Operations, Perpetual Education Fund, SLC, Award Winning Film Producer/Director

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In just a few months she went from being constantly stressed out to a self-assured woman.

She was getting out of debt, advancing her career, pursuing her dream and much happier in her marriage. When I asked her what she was doing, she told me she was working with Deborah. That was all I needed, I called Deborah's office the next day. On a scale of 1-10 reading a self-help book is like a '2' and working with Deborah is a 10+" - Business Owner, American Fork, Utah

Life and Career:

Deborah’s approach got me on track fast both personally and professionally. I never realized how much my personal 'mind game' was zapping my energy and focus. - L. Hodgin,, Santa Cruz CA

Life and Career Focus

My life and all its various aspects felt as though they were in shambles. My personal life was a mess – a divorce, unhappiness, discontent and conflict.

My professional life was a mess – disenchantment with the company, with my management, with my role.

Every aspect of my life seemed out of alignment, out of balance, and I felt as though I was drowning underneath all the demands and expectations of everyone around me. This lack of balance, this lack of clarity in my ability to evaluate situations within my life with clarity – both personal and professional - revealed itself directly in my performance as a life partner, as a father, and certainly as a highly compensated employee of a major corporation. I was at the brink of voluntarily quitting the company I had served for so long, as my career became the scapegoat focal point of blame for much of what I felt ailed my life.

It is at this point that a close friend of mine suggested that I try working with Deborah Guy-Skriloff of Crossing Bridges Coaching. I was dubious at first, but I was also at the end of my rope, so I decided I had nothing to lose by trying.

Today, you would not recognize me as the same person. My personal life is happy and contented. My professional life is reinvigorated – the energy, drive, and creativity which my employer valued is restored. Rather than treading water and performing poorly until I was fired, or quitting in a funk of disenchantment – I am again performing at a superior level, and leading large teams in the accomplishment of company strategies. And I’m smiling every day.

My participation in the professional life coaching expertise of Deborah is directly responsible for that turnaround. This is not psycho-therapy. This is not “feel good” counseling either. This is the application of proven methodologies, practices and approaches toward finding the way to success in all aspects of one's life. This is learning and re-learning skills toward achieving a balance, and a perspective on life – which supports accomplishing one's goals both personally and professionally. And it works. I’m proof.

The insights and skills to which I’ve been exposed, that have helped return me to an energetic and accomplished leader of large teams – are directly applicable in today’s rapid paced, extremely challenging business environment. A core asset of any strong company is its best people. The knowledge, skill, and experience embodied in those people is the result of huge investment on the part of such companies. I am a firm believer, through real experience, that professional coaching can be a key to not only building, but perhaps more importantly - maintaining high performance teams… the hallmark of any successful organization. Protecting your company's investment in your high performers can be achieved through coaching services such as those provided by Crossing Bridges. I would urge you to consider how such services, training, and consultation could benefit your company's bottom line in the very real areas of job performance, job satisfaction, and reduction of staff turnover.


James W. Wanke

Vice President, LexisNexis

What Clients are Saying.

  • "I now have laser focus on my most important goals"
  • Deborah helped me jump start my career pivot and helped me devise a plan for getting out of debt that I can follow."
  • "This is huge for me, I'm finally getting this done!"
  • "You're taking the panic out of my Career Transition
  • "Negotiated - Check. They accepted my counter - check!. Accepted the job? Check!! Thank you!!!!
  • "After learning I hadn't pass the bar exam, I was crushed! Thanks for helping me get back on my feet and land the job of my dreams anyway!"​
  • "Can't believe I'm 38 and just learning how to make life decisions, but better late than never!"
  • "Wish I had known this when I started my career. Things would have been very different."​​
  • "I now have laser focus on my most important goals"
  • Deborah helped me jump start my career pivot and helped me devise a plan for getting out of debt that I can follow."
  • "This is huge for me, I'm finally getting this done!"
  • "You're taking the panic out of my Career Transition
  • "Negotiated - Check. They accepted my counter - check!. Accepted the job? Check!! Thank you!!!!
  • "After learning I hadn't pass the bar exam, I was crushed! Thanks for helping me get back on my feet and land the job of my dreams anyway!"​
  • "Can't believe I'm 38 and just learning how to make life decisions, but better late than never!"
  • "Wish I had known this when I started my career. Things would have been very different."​​
  • Learning to trust myself after feeling so disappointed in the choices I've made in the past"
  • "I feel sooo much lighter and freer"
  • "Clarity"​
  • "It's hard but, somehow, I'm having so much fun!"
  • ​"Life feels so much less stressful."
  • "​I'm finding my voice at work and it feels great!"
  • "I'm learning to put my needs and dreams on equal footing with everyone else's."
  • ​"Never felt so effective around my own personal goals!"
  • "Energized."
  • "Becoming more aware of where my time goes and finding more hours in the day somehow"​
  • "Relieved to have a debt reduction plan in place"
  • "Learning to create a spending plan has really helped."
  • Learning how to set boundaries in my relationships has been a revelation."
  • "I'm managing my time so much better now."
  • "It's hard to practice setting boundaries with my family but it's beginning to pay off. I'll keep at it!"
  • ​"Who knew my breakup was impacting my career so much!"
  • ​"You get me. You truly get me!"​​

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Note: I invite you to avoid the temptation to schedule your session during a commute where you are driving, or need to pay attention to directing, entering, or exiting a mode of transportation. This is an opportunity to have someone focused exclusively on you and your life for an extended period. Plan to also be willing to be 100% present at this time.